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Kirsten Storms & Emily Wilson



Thoughts on General Hospital

Okay here are my thoughts on General Hospital first of all I’m loving the Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie/Dante/Lulu storyline. However I do think that Maxie should tell Lulu that she had a miscarriage, and is carrying Spinelli’s baby. I do believe that Spinelli should tell Ellie how he feels about Maxie. Now on to Patrick and Brittany, We all know that Patrick’s daughter Emma does not like Brittany and wants Sabrina to be her “new” mommy and I am okay with that. I like Sabrina I think she is nice and will do very well with Patrick until Robin is brought back from the dead… Okay those are my thoughts for now I will keep in touch.. **Note I have not watched this weeks episode** (1/28/13)-(2/1/13) Michele 🙂

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