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I was a well known author living in Boston. I was engaged to a guy named Nick, who was also from Boston. Nick was a actor in New York City. There was an unexpected pregnancy so, I made weekly trips on the weekends to see Nick, then I had a book signing scheduled in New York and on the day of the book signing I was visiting Nick on set (before the signing) when my water broke. We were both really shocked because the baby was not due for another 3 weeks so I had to call my agent on the way to the hospital to tell her I was in labor and we would have to cancel the book signing. I had the baby at 2am the next day with Nick by my side. The baby was a girl and we named her Bella 🙂

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First of all, I want to welcome you to Michele Reads this is where I will be posting all my book reviews so lean back and enjoy your visit and please feel free to spread the word about this blog to your family and friends, Don’t be shy please stop by whenever you want as long as your kind to one another we will not have any issues
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